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The objective of CGS Europe is to build a credible, independent, long-lasting and representative pan-European scientific body of expertise on CO2 geological storage that will:
  1. Instigate a durable networking of research capacity on CO2 storage in all the relevant EU Member States and Associated Countries;
  2. Liaise and coordinate its activities with other stakeholders and existing initiatives in Europe to help define and coordinate CO2 storage research roadmaps and activities at national, European and international level;
  3. Help reduce the existing gap between the ‘forerunner’ countries, where CCS activities have been started or planned, and those countries where these actions are not yet happening;
  4. Contribute to the large-scale demonstration and industrial deployment of CCS;
  5. Support the implementation of the European Directive on the geological storage of CO2 and other regulatory regimes.
To achieve these aims, CGS Europe has planned a series of mechanisms to further enhance the collection, dissemination, and homogenization of scientific knowledge on CO2 storage.