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CGS Europe - key statistics

Instrument: 3-year Coordination Action under EC FP7

24 Participants, including:
- the entire CO2GeoNet Association (11 members as third parties);
- key geoscientific institutions from the existing CO2NET EAST and ENeRG networks, EuroGeoSurveys, etc.

Networking: 34 institutes specialized in CO2 storage matters

Wide European coverage: 24 EU Member States and 4 Associated Countries

Objective: establish a credible, indipendet, long-lasting and representative pan-European scientific body of expertise on CO2 geological storage

BRGM – Isabelle Czernichowski-Lauriol

Management Board:
Isabelle Czernichowski-Lauriol (BRGM, France), Anna Korre (Imperial College, UK), Roberto Martínez (IGME, Spain) and Vit Hladik (CzGS, Czech Republic)

Secretariat: University of Zagreb - RGNF – Zeljka Kurelec (

Austria:   GBA
Belgium:   RBINS-GSB
Bulgaria:    SU
Croatia:    UNIZG-RGNF
Czech Republic:    CzGS
Denmark:    CO2GeoNet-GEUS
Estonia:    TTUGI
Finland:    GTK
France:    CO2GeoNet-BRGM, CO2GeoNet, CO2GeoNet-IFP
Germany:    BGR
Greece:    G-IGME
Hungary:    ELGI
Ireland:   GSI
Italy:    CO2GeoNet-OGS, CO2GeoNet-URS
Latvia:    LEGMC
Lithuania:    GTC
Netherlands:    CO2GeoNet-TNO
Norway:    CO2GeoNet-IRIS, CO2GeoNet-NIVA, CO2GeoNet-SINTEF
Poland:    PGI-NRI
Portugal:    LNEG
Romania:    GeoEcoMar
Serbia:    UB
Slovakia:    SGUDS
Slovenia:    GEO-INZ
Spain:    S-IGME
Sweden:   SGU
Turkey:   METU-PAL